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Montezuma, Aztec God-King
From Start Start With Extra Gold
Ancient Age Units Autoheal Upon Winning
Medieval Age +3 Science From Temples
Industrial Age Road Cost Halved
Modern Age +50% Gold Production
Unique Units Jaguar Warrior

Brief historyEdit

The Aztecs are most famous for their human sacrifice, wealth of gold, and falling victim to the diseases brought by unclean europeans of the time. Their city of Tenochtitlan had aqueducts and other advanced engineering developments that actually made their lifestyle far cleaner than the Europeans who brought disease from across the ocean. By comparison Europeans lived in filthy cities and did not bathe very often (a habit not picked up by them until Portuguese explorers brought it back from early civilizations in India).

In many ways the Aztec were more advanced than the Conquistadors and allied native tribes who conquered them. Firearms made a small difference in the battles, it was only by allying with the local enemies of the Aztecs and overwhelming them was it possible for the surviving Conquistadors to defeat them. Sadly, today much of the original city of Tenochtitlan has been destroyed by modern development in Mexico City.

Starting bonusEdit

The Aztecs start with 25 gold, which does not sound significant but given that barbarian villages can award 25-40 gold, the Aztec can quickly earn a free Settler to build a new city or add population to their current one.

Ancient bonusEdit

The auto heal upon combat victory is a significant military advantage. It means that their warriors never have to heal, can ignore the Medic upgrade and penalties to healing in enemy territory. It is incredibly overpowered during the scenario Beta Centauri, as a single modern infantry squad can hold off wave after wave of alien barbarians without being worn down. This allows the Aztec to focus on building structures for a cultural, economic or domination victory on any difficulty (especially Deity).

Medieval bonusEdit

Turns their temples into dual role structures, similar to how a Courthouse can generate culture, if the Magna Carta wonder is built. However since they get this ability for free it is quite useful for a medieval era science boom (especially if the culture from the temple leads to a great scientist appearing).

Industrial bonusEdit

This ability really shines when the player only focuses on one city until later in the game. The Aztec player can then usually sweep out of their city with mechanized units and lay down roads to conquered cities for the slower moving infantry to then use.

Modern bonusEdit

Its usefulness is self explanatory, this ability let's the Aztec develop cities that can produce thousands of gold per turn when combined with other bonuses from structures or great people.

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